Our Environmental Policy




Mainline Eco Solutions Ltd provides a wide range of cleaning services for its customers, here at mainline Eco-Solutions we are committed to provide a quality service to our customers whilst protecting the people and the environment .


As part of our short and long term aims and objectives we are committed to prevent pollution as much as possible, use Eco- friendly products and processes and invest in technology that will help us reduce our carbon footprint.


As a company, the Directors are committed in ensuring that everyone that works for Mainline Eco-solutions Ltd adheres to the environmental policy. We also recognise that due to the nature of our operations Mainline Eco-solutions Ltd is subject to a wide variety of national and local environmental laws, regulations and policies. It is our responsibility to effectively manage and improve our environmental performance and minimise the impacts of our business activities on the environment.


Please find below our environmental policies below.



Environmental Policies:



  1. To communicate our environmental policy and performance to all stakeholders, and encourage them to operate to similar standards.

  2. To provide environmental awareness training to all employees.

  3. To continuously measure and improve our use of natural resources in relation to our revenue.

  4. To continuously reduce our carbon footprint as we continue to grow.

  5. To work with environmental agencies that promote environmental impact reduction activities.

  6. To take part in regular outdoor environmental activities, eg litter picking, tree planting, cycling etc.

  7. Minimise water and energy consumption at client sites and our offices.

  8. Avoid the use of hazardous material wherever possible.